Reviews for "B.Dogs Dancer"

Fabulously unique!

This flash movie makes using the internet a totally fun and unique experience once again. Refreshing in that the author was able to give the "dogs" attitude, without violence. Fun music, fun dance moves, great fun overall :)


I love the way you did your credits...I had to say that right off the bat, they're were different, and neat. I'd have to say the female dog was my favorite, besides the first one, and the wall-thing was somewhat amusing. Good job...could have used a bit more variation in the moves. Loved how the objects were moving, and you gotta love the black cat....o^_^o


so cool!!!!! that was a classic! great drawings. and the idea was just so original. bring out b.dogs 2!!!

disco stu is runnin' to italy!

well...not realy...just starring' rolls for theresom drugs, i would be waiting in my very seat to see a drug related dog flash sooner or....NOW! nice to watch the movie, thanx man!!1

way to bring back a suprise, jerm7 piont bonus for creativity just got boosted to 10 now, hav luck next jerm7 bonus piont award, drug doggy skits!plz!


I just loved this flash. Dogs breakdancing. Doesn't get any better then that. My favorite of the canines was the first one of course. The graphics were fantastical , and I loved this music picked, everything was in sync and order. Just great, I encourage you to make many many more.