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This is awesome. The graph are very great and the idea is very nice. The only thing is that ... they move a bit too fast...
Good job sir !



The fourth dog is the best :D

Anyway, movie idea is like O.N.E. but you know it is nice :)
I like your style very much, the dogs was awesome, but this movie was a bit short, you know, so i'm looking forward B.Dogs Dancer 2. I hope you'll improve some things like too much moving object while dancing (for those who have slow computers it's very bad), and you should make dogs to not disappear after changing to the next dog, but the dog should go somewhere.

YEah sorry for my language, i'm 14 yrs old, and from Lithuania. I hope you understand me :)

Keep a good working


I don't have any sounds cos my speakers aren't pluggedi n, but i can tell that this is f'king awesome. I see a frontpage on the horizon. +FAV. Great work, smooth, and, best of all, you can see what the dogs are doing. Protection point is mine.

Love the ending.

Not bad

I wasn't all that interested at first, but after the 3rd dog I was rather amused. I think that I would have liked it more if it had been interactive and we could cycle through the dogs at our own pace because I did get a little bored of each of the dogs after the first few seconds especially because I couldn't move on or go back. Otherwise I liked it.


That was great!

Ok. That was the awesomest breakdancing dogs ever. However..

The transition in the music was strange. I think you should work on the music changes a little.