Reviews for "B.Dogs Dancer"


There was really no point to this, i thought "ok cool, breakdancing dogs, this should be funny" but i come and see one animation looped over and over...kinda boring to be honest, your graphics were spot on mind, very impressive, just, this flash wasnt all that interesting or entertaining, sorry.

P.S: Front Page material? what is newgrounds coming? =/


decent flash... The first dog was really the only one dancing.... could of done better but over all its a decent flash at best

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I agree with the guy b4 me!

I dont really understand how this become to be on the front page, nor how it got an award...i gade on wut it is...and my overall is how i like it...and as u can tell i didn't like it too much...soo...umm...better luck next time?

Why was this front page material?

I don't know about your, but i didn't finish this one to the end, wasn't worth it. It wasn't really stupid like some, it just wasn't funny.