Reviews for "B.Dogs Dancer"

Pretty short author's comments. Anyway, this was good, but it still wasn't that much. I mean, it was just dogs dancing. Well, the music was fine. I guess the animation was good. It just didn't have enough going on.

I guess it was kind of unique. I always want to see stuff from other countries. It was quite different. The music got a bit too loud, especially at the end. Well, it was fine.


OMG LOL i love this 5/5 10/10

woot woot!

it was really cute, whoever the hell was livin in the trashcan, or rockin the car back n forth, i dont know, but I liked it


I guess if I would love dog and dance i might have enjoy it but... you din't catch my attention on this one, you know you could have make me love dog but...not. I mean serilously i have nothing toward dog actualy i tink your art was real good its just the dancing move and the wole no point dancing dog thing that i din't enjoy i guess but i still give you a good note for the ART witch i thing is realy eye's catching

next time do a punch or make them do freaking cool dancing and you'll get a better mark my friends, sorry

Pretty sweet!

I gotta ask, though... What are the songs you used in here? I want that techno track on my iPod!