Reviews for "B.Dogs Dancer"


what the fuck were you smokin when you made this? dogs break dancing........... i like random shit and all. but WHAT THE FUCK, MAN!

B.Dogs Dancer is

Groooooooooovy baby and who made that second track that was da bomb


who made the last track, i mean the one at the end, I ROX!!!

That was terrible....

Why did you make it to the front page?

its decent, wonder if front page thou

dont get me wrong, im korean myself, and i support all korean animators (too few if you ask me lol), but the dogs seemed bit dull, maybe cause of the too much of the repeated symbols, movieclips, (but i really liked the first dog, power moves rules!). anyway, very good, i like your style.

p.s. THE PROMISE OF HOME that movie, i dont think its worth front page either, i think the standard of flash movies has gone down from my generation...