Reviews for "B.Dogs Dancer"

Bit Boring.

Ok, Here's the problem:

Animation was on a loop they kept doing the same thing over and over again got really boring and not very funny...


what can i say, boooooooring

it ok

Err it got really annoying after awhile, it needed some more pizazz there wasnt really much in the animation and it was really short. the good things on the animation were that the grapics were awesome it just needed some work :P oh and dont brakedancers dance on cardboard?


I thought that the animation and the drawings were absolutly awsome i loved the artowrk but the animation itself got a little repetative and boring thats all, great artwork, fairly smooth but also fairly boring but good work hope to see something a little more exciting next time though

i dunno

I've seen real break dancing before and this doesnt really cut it. the dogs (or "dawgs" if you want to call them) seem to do the same thing over and over until they start up their 0.05 second spin... that they seem to do over and over again. if you could slow it down it may help it out.