Reviews for "B.Dogs Dancer"

I liked it

The little brown pug at the end was especially cute. Make more!


Not to be mean, my little friend. But if you wanted to be part of those weird breakdancing guys, leave it to them white kids in the U.K or something. I didn't understand on how this went in frontpage (trust me guys, there was alot more crap that came in the frontpage... I remember one flash that was pathetic but still made it, and people asked "Has newgrounds lost its touch??" but seriously, this is kinda decent right?) Anyway, instead of people, why dogs for the matter? Doesn't look right, when I first saw it... I thought dogs trying to breakdance and break their bones in the process... But when i saw it, it just gave me a little... well, little twitch for our sake.

Another thing, there were tons of loops... So that just made it pathetic, coz it just repeated and repeated and... you know what i mean, anyway... its kinda good (notice the use of kinda, its not that good... but it was uhhh... 40-60... kinda down though...)


The way the drawings blended with background was cool, yet the idea was crap!


You did a good job, don't get me wrong. I just did'nt like it. On problem I had was your sound splicing. You cut up the sound on the techno song seemingly to fit more of its many different styles into the animation. I have no problem with this, however, they should have been mixed more smoothly than they were. Sometimes, it even seemed that the beat wasn't constant. It was a little annoying.

The other problem I had was with the dogs. It seems you made mini movies out of their dance steps and just had them repeat. Once again, I have no problem with this as it simplifys the creation process with the same results, however, I do believe that if you were to time the dance steps up with the music it would greatly improve this movie.

Aside from these two things, you did a wonderful job with this flash. It's just that I see no point in it and, to me, it was hardly entertaining.

What the HELL

Graphics and sound were good....no fucking point to it and not funny what so ever....only half good point was the dog pissing on the wall and that didnt even get a laugh.