Reviews for "The Challenge RPG"

So Badass!!

wowww, i got to lvl 14800 something, and beat the level 9999 5 times. XD I couldnt stop playing. Almost had 100k HP and i think 500k MP. The first time i beat him i gained 2k levels. O.o anyways, what im trying to say is it could of been harder, and 9999 is more of a challenge than a punishment. XD cool game and cool design tho. :)


Hey this was good. Way, way too easy but very addictive. However once you beat a 9999th level enemy or three there's very little left to do.

Power Lvling

Wow Awesome game! I just got 357 lvls from one battle! Why is it called the challenge? It is way way way... ...to easy.

Totally kick ***

I could'nt stop playing this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


they are missing one thing like they only give you low exp till next lvl that loses are start best rpg game i ever played in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!

author comment my review plzzz