Reviews for "The Challenge RPG"


great game, just needs to be harder. i got to lvl 14929 within an hour and then got bored lol.

Simply the best

first off thank you for mking this game

i am level 11498

i have over 6 million credits

i have the best sword

i have all spells

and i have beaten level 9999 severel times

ppppplllllllleeeeeeeaaaaassssssseeeee e make a sequal

This game is awesome

Now is easier too level and get more credits it will be more en joyful.


Cheguei no lvl 958.


Got to around 12000, and then I simply stopped playing...the "impossible" guy goes down pretty easy, I gain 1200 levels because of it, and now I am simply amazed at how EASIER this game is compared to it's predecessor, Armor RPG, which is a game that I had never heard of anyone beating the boss.

Case in point:
The level 1 guy, when you are level 1, is a lot harder than the level 999 guy, when you are level 999. Think one-hit-kill for the latter.

My only advice is: Make the game a little more challenging! Like if the person doesn't enter any numbers, make the new punishment level 99,999; or something similar.

Good game Ludy, as always!