Reviews for "The Challenge RPG"

this game is cool

this is much cool.when I was defeated,I was in the level 9999.this is the best game

Fun at the beginning

I was bored so i checked a few games and came across this one. It was amusing at first but when you can beat the level 999 in one click it got annoying. So I leveled up to 6k and beat the level 9999 and since i had nothing better to do i kept playing this game till i got to level 20k or so. For that i give you a seven.


just about 10 mins of game play and i get to lvl 2086 i use demon pit and i kill lvl 999 in a shot once i get to lvl 5000! iwill type in lvl 1000 by purpos to fight the lvl 9999! wahahaha o yeah game creator make about up to lvl 50 swords and make it where lvl 10000 is punishment if you don't type something with in lvl 1-2000 that will help alot and give us more powerful spells.


I can honestly say that this game wouldnt be good with medals.(you should all know why)

To get to lvl 9999, just keep fighting lvl 999 with a lvl 20 sword and do it until you feel like you can fight a lvl 9999.(SAVE BEFORE YOU TRY THIS!!!!! LVL 999 THING AND 9999 THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


all i did was get to leval 50 then battle a 100 and keep adding 100 each timei got to like 200 or 300 soi was 100 and beating a 200