Reviews for "The Challenge RPG"

Hmm i seriously agree

i agree with Cowkilla0572 what he said good speech i also love this game my favorite! i never played such a fun game it's like an adventure game if it had a story line, I like how the spells work lol.


COOOOOLLL!!!! just COOOOOOLLLLLLLL it has like and rpg thing and new wepeans but i think threr should be armour but thats doesn't matter becase this game is like eletric Dynimite

Can't stop the fun!

I defeated an 9999 guy at level 6055 and OMG i couldn't stop leveling up!
Ummm... In the last review, says something about "black hole", i can't find that attack...
Anyway, It was a great game! But, the magic spells that you could buy were the same that you always had, May I ask why is that?
I'm already on level 10568 or something!!!!
Thankyou for making me and everybody have fun!

ok,,, nice game

this game is nice.
Pro's: you can do a lot of different attacks and magic stuff.
the design is good enough for me:p
the random enemies are very cool
con's: don't use the same fighting engine over and over again, it gets lame
after you've got a certain level (around the 3000 i think) the only thing you have to do is use black hole and hope you don't dye against the 9999 guy.....
i beat the 9999 guy acouple of times...
the backgrounds could be better, but overal: don't play the other games with te same engine, play this one, and beat the cr** out of the 9998 boss!

- put in more weapons,
- let me buy something with the 2.5 million cash i have...( like... a secret ending movie!!!!)
- make a level 99999 boss... for some very addictive players(like me)
you can beat it to easely.. make it a little harder

Very fun

I love it. I believe there is nothing you need to change or modify. If I could give a higher rank than ten I would give it!