Reviews for "The Challenge RPG"

My battle level... It's over 8000. Now it's over 9

Vegeta, what does your scouter say about his battle level?

ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!

What?!? 9000!?! There's no WAY that can be right, CAN IT?!?

Hehehe... viral memes aside, this was a good game. You should make a second one.

By the way, my battle level is 23336. Beat that, other people!!!!


i've reached lv 1461 with a lvl 20 sword :D

really cool but

some enemies gives so much exp but is really cool


Great game but it was quite easy at the end..
i Played about half an our to get to lvl 6667, FINALLY then i could beat the 9999 guy
that dude gave lot of xp .. i gained from 6667 to 7936 after that i fight the guy more till i was over 1000 then you can only see the fourth number half.. because it dont fits :P But great game..


There's one problem though....... Why does the characters have to be balls??? But.. it's ok this game is AWESOME so I'll give you 10!