Reviews for "The Challenge RPG"


got past 1300 then did something else.

for a 1 day work it's good

it would be nice of you could take a week or two and make a new version of this with more attacks (more than 1 sword move) and more powers (so more magic attacks and some magic defences).

Also, if you were to make another version of this, swords should have stats/attributes that make you stronger and such and also, leveling up should allow you to do more dammage per attack, the sword incrases that ammount.

Also, how about some high cost items for increasing stats of the player?

make a ...

shoop da whoop move


This game is a good RPG. I did enjoy playing it for a while. You did say you made it in less than a day which is quite impressive. Maybe you already had the code for everything else and that's nice.

A major flaw is that it gets too easy. Once you start getting up there you can easily kill things 100 levels higher than you. Even at 999 I could kill them when I was only about 100-200. Even the 9999 was defeated eventually. I know that's not much of a challenge as this is "the challenge RPG".

However I would say that it is a good flash. I would like to see a challenge rpg 2 sometime in the future, but I hardly doubt that would happen. Maybe you'll come across and read this and it'll happen. I hope so.

oi way tooooo easy

^^^ as title says but its also fun :)....lvl 25910