Reviews for "The Challenge RPG"


Not a Challenge it's a good game mind but a couple things i should mention:

1. Once you get Demon Pit the game is essentially done as it's obscenely powerful(with the strongest weapon it was doing almost 300,000).

2. The 9999 is the only enemy that has any sort of resistance to Demon Pit as it requires 6-8 castings of it to actually kill it.

3. Would have been nice to be able to fight legitimately instead of the ''Nuke everything that stands'' philosophy.

4. Maybe in the next version allow people to go past 999 the 999 enemies were great exp but it seems kind of odd to not have people do enemies in the 1000s.

My records
Beat 999 at 775
Beat 9999 at 5054(was incredibly hard and i have no idea how Ayette did his fight that would have been nasty at 1034)

too EZ

@ lvl 400 killed lvl 999
@ lvl 1034 killed lvl 999
i lvl up 1400 times that battle
it was an Epic battle

Oh man the memories

One of the best grinding games. And theres more then one if I'm right.

man my level is 123320

i played the game for like 40 minutes and gave a ton of EXP.


This is not as good as some earlier versions, but still pretty fun. Kept me ocuupied for a while. So u getz the 8s.