Reviews for "R!SE"

Fun game, good job.

The graphics are generally pretty good, comparatively awesome to others. Sound gets a little bothersome after a while but I like the (is it mario?) vintage stuff. A little violent and a little humourous. Great submission.

Denvish responds:

Thanks, and yeah, it's SMB2 Water Level music

Nice...Highest Score too...

it seems that your "sky" stops around 81,000 or somewhere abouts there. I got to total black and it said your building it or something. idk stopped tring at 104,235. Anyways nice game.

7/10 Review Rating
4/5 Submission Vote
*added to Fav's*

Denvish responds:

Heh, I didn't think anyone would get that high, the bg is only 80000 high. I'll extend it up to 120k

API eh?

Did you use your own API genorator to do this? If not it must have been horrible to draw all of that in API. Nice coding as usual, and I liked it.

When are you going to make a huge game, line an online one (im sure you know XML) or some amazing RPG? If not, why? Do it!

Great work as usual, and keep up the great work.
*bows down in worship* I am not worthy.....

Denvish responds:

Yeah, I used APIT
No, I don't know XML...yet. But, multiplayer online is something I'm definitely considering

Started an RPG, but it got put on the back burner for various reasons

Thanks for the review


It was really fun to kill them... I made it on the highscores :D
Good game, It's been awhile since I've seen anything of yours...Thank you.

Denvish responds:

No problem =) Glad you enjoyed it

Hail Denvish

All API... Denvish is an actionscript legend.


But after the critter is hurled I can't play again.

Denvish responds:

Really? That weird. Are you on a MAC or something?