Reviews for "R!SE"

a really nice game

its like one of those i-want-to-beat-my-previous-score game. u wud wan to play it again and again.

i lurv it a lot and wil add it to my fav for sure. it is an interestingly simple game yet fun. few short games are fun, urs definitely rox.

Denvish responds:



This is a really dangerous game, it's really tempting to just sit and play it again and again and...

Graphics: So-so, but who notices? They do what you need them to do, most of the time all you see is a blur going past anyway, so what really matters is that you can tell the stars from the trampolines, which you can.

Style: Seems pretty consistent here. Again, you don't notice it much, you're too busy trying to get higher (or stay in the air).

Sound: Speakers off, sorry.

Violence: Not much of it, but the splat at the bottom is nice.

Interactivity: Wow. This reminds me a lot of the old send-the-guy-bouncing-to-the-right game, but the ability to hover and move around adds enough control that it doesn't feel like you're spinning a roulette wheel and waiting for a result. Even when you get unlucky, you think, "Man, if I'd just timed that a bit better, there might have been another trampoline up there!"

Humor: Again, not much, but it's a bit amusing to just hit the Kill button for no good reason. SPLAT!

Overall: Very nice game. 4/5. I give out 5's very rarely, so that's a high mark. Well done!

Denvish responds:

Thanks for the in-depth review, your comments are appreciated and duly noted =)

It was alright...

This is just me, but I thought that the game was a bit flawwed. I thought it was great that you could make your character, but needed more.

Denvish responds:

Erm, suggestions would be nice... also, bear in mind that the game was completely code-generated, so the scope was somewhat limited. For an API game, it's actually pretty complex


wow cool game, making a mess out of your creations eheh. nice ideas i luv ur other flash games too. ur my idol in flash and bbs

Denvish responds:

A fan? Wut? How can this be possible? =D

One of the funnest games ever!

This was an exelent game. And I love waching the little creature splat!

Denvish responds:

Me too =)