Reviews for "R!SE"

Very Addictive!

This game is very addicting, and I love this idea. The character design was very fun, but I only wished for more options or cool premade characters. The game was very fun, but I kept dying the first two times by relesing early. But then, the fun started. I kept hoping that each time I would reach a new height, and I LOVED the suspense. I loved the graphics, but it would be cool if you made stuff like how the creature starts to enter the clouds and space the higher you get (or maybe I didn't get that high). Overall: Very addicting game with quick, simple, and loveable ideas. Great job Denvish and I'm glad I was the few to see this first!
Grade: A

Denvish responds:

The colours of the background are supposed to represent: earth centre (magma, orange>red), the surface (brown, green), sky (blue), and space (black).

Personally, I haven't managed to get much beyond green yet.

Thanks for the review, and glad you liked the game, positive feedback is always nice to hear

Another Hit by Denvish!

I'm about to add you and this game to my favorites. This game was FLAWLESS!

Denvish responds:


Super happy fun-fun time!!!

The only problem was: The scoreboard. I don't understand it. Everything said wait. I got the highscore, like, 7 times. But it didn't show it on the scoreboard! Is it supposed to do that for some reason? Or is it just glitched up. You need to fix it so it actually shows the scores. Because thats the whole purpose of SCOREboards, right? Try it yourself. It doesn't show up! Maybe it's just my computer, but tell me what it is.

Denvish responds:

Erm, it's your computer - it's working fine for me. Try disabling your firewall temporarily. Basically, the swf has to access my domain (denvish.net) to update the scoreboard, and something on your PC is preventing that


Great game man! You cheered me right up with the cute little characters I could make with it :3

Well, graphics were stupendous, the style of the whole thing was pheonomanal, the song was catchy (was it a remake of the underwater levels in mario?) Very interactive, humerous due to the characters, so overall, great job!

Denvish responds:

Yeah, it was Mario Water level - one of my favourite VG tunes (nostalgia...), check the credits (in the creature builder) for a link to the audio file

kick ass

awsome, one of the best games i have played so far

Denvish responds:

Thanks! Get yourself at the top of the scoreboard, one good throw will do it!