Reviews for "R!SE"


pretty sweet
create a monster and stuff..
i made a tooth monster haha

this is my best score :

Max height:9338
Time Bonus: 2880

Final Score:

overall 5/5


This was great and extremely addicting! I love it!

Denvish responds:


great job

loved this game, the simplicity of it makes it cool for a 10 minute frenzy, the dress up bit i thought was it, the game, then u make a lil dude and send him flying, made me giggle for a minute anyways. it shows you don't need fancy graphics to make a good game, top job, oh n thanks for using my audio too.

Denvish responds:

I told you I was going to use that track... it was just a matter of having a Flash that suited it, and I think this one did.

pretty nice

the building your own creature engine was alright...I expected more of an API type of thing when it said mentioned this being a purely code-based game, but dress-up systems are okay sometimes.
The flying thing is being used quite a bit today...it's getting a little overdone. But still, it was kind of fun. On my first try, I got 31817 points

Really fun

This was a good game, there wasn't much wrong with it. Good job.