Reviews for "R!SE"



Glitch Report!

Make a little guy, then don't fling him, just let him at small height. Then press "Space" (fly button), and hold down the Down Arrow Key. Tada! You're below ground!


This is quite decent , the editor has quite a lot of variety so you can make a pretty cool creature , launching the little guy is really fun . The music and sound effects are awesome and overall it's a decent game but it gets repetitive after a short while . Good work , It's a good game !

Not bad

This is a fun game, I made a marshmallow, a weird pineapple thing and bunch of other stuff. The editor held my attention for a while. The actual game however, i got bored with quickly. You should some other things besides a trampoline and score stars.

good game

there should be an option to let you cancel flying by pressing space again.