Reviews for "R!SE"

funny how a classic song them some rock or metal

it is fun for a while get boring after a few mins its a good game

Cute and fun for a while.

Was pretty fun for a while, but only stays that way for so long.

Max Height: 19741
Bonus: 2525
Time Bonus: 1740

Final Score: 24006


good game

good game, nice design, but i didnt like having to select my little guy after everytime i died, but hey, still good

Max height: 24412
Bonus: 3619
Time Bonus: 5424

Final Score: 33455


Denvish responds:

The point is that you can make/save up to 5 creatures, and choose a different one each time


Good game but here my record :P

Max Height: 19807
Bonus: 523
Time bonus: 2096

Final score: 22426


Gotta Splatt Em All :D

Fun To Splash Things with your Mouse or even throw them offscreen :>

Good Game, like to see another one :D