Reviews for "R!SE"


wow you manged to keep me here for 1 hour making little creatues i though dont know if its true or not but diffent style of creatures fly higher???? or is it just my imagination.....GREAT GAME 10 acsrss the board!!!

Just my 2 cents

Denvish responds:

Thanks... no, the shape of the creature doesn't affect its flight. The long thin ones just LOOK as if they're moving faster

Its a good game

But... i found something tho can u tell me what this "building game" is? when your almost gonna go to the bottom you press space and go down u will see a text "building game".

Denvish responds:

That's the loading screen thing, I'm going to remove it in a minute. It means that you've gone past the top of the background (80k+)

I found it quite hard for some reason.

It got me all puzzled at first. No offence but i don't like it.

Denvish responds:

OK then

Well done.

The music fit very well. Some nice effects on the splatter as well, i thought it looked very appealing and almost felt like a real splatter. Poor little guy. Anyway, i had some fun with this one, as with all of your others, mainly for thier originality. The combination of dressup and chance games like this was neat.

But remember, i still expect a top 50 out of you one of these days. ; )

Denvish responds:

Thanks =)
Yeah, I don't think an API game will ever get top 50, so I need to start working with 'proper' graphics I suppose. Depending on how things go IRL, I might actually do some work on my RPG at some point soon

Pretty Descent game,

Your top scorer here :P, I figured out a way to send the score flying, past 10k it says BUILDING GAME? Guessing you didn't think people could. =p Not gonna post how here but gimme a email if you wish, in profile

Denvish responds:

Erm, you don't have a profile...? =S

But yeah, I'm going to extend the bg a bit. Probably not beyond 120k though.