Reviews for "CuberXtreme"

WOW! I'm left speechless!

Those graphics were amazing man! The audio was great I gave it a nine cause its not much of my liking!(XP) But it's crystal clear! Voilence of course not rly any!(=D) Humor there none of that!

Overall it's just great!

Keep it \V/ man!


Totally enjoyed it.

Really really good. I always enjoy these kinds of puzzle games. Not very unique, but just the smooth graphics seem to warrant the seal of NG approval. Keep up the work.

not a bad game

graphics and style. the guy walked well and knew how to push.

sound. its good and well done but why does space need woooshings?

interactiveness. felt very responsive to my actions on the keys but i tend to not read the manuals so i got stuck on level 6 :p

awesome gameplay and flash quality

loved it
top quality game

I loved this game!

This game was amazing. At first, since you only had one flash, I thought that it was going to be a blam, but when I played it, it was one of the most amazing games that I have ever played.

The 3d animation was incredible! I really was awed by the graphics of this flash. There is no doubt in my mind that this has to be one of the best 3d animations that was ever submitted into the portal. The simple rectangular prism that you played in was good, not to mention the cubes that you had to push. To sum it up, that was freakin' amazing!

The style of this game was amazing. It was a really unique game, maybe not, but I have never seen anything like it. Even though I didn't play the whole thing, I am sure that the levels became much more difficult. The song that played during the game was a catchy, nice tune that added to the amazingness of this game.

The interactivity of this game never failed. At least for me, there were no glitches whatsoever. The play menu was good and it worked. When your character moved, there was no lag at all, and it brought joy to my heart.

Overall, this was one of my favorite games. I think that you should keep creating 3d interactive games/flashes using the amazing techniques that you use. Great job!

5 out of 5