Reviews for "CuberXtreme"

This was amazing. DiGiS has it's going on.

Score one for Vito! This game is awesome Seed... Me and me2ubear from TAO almost beat the Emerald pack... we're on 201 I think. We also got our groove on by beating the basic pack. I was really looking forward to this from reading your blog, and it was even better than expected. This game gets a straight-up 5/5.

-Xiao Cloud inc.

Great Job

Very Difficult and captivating game. It kept me trying just because I got annoyed by the little blocks thwarting me. I eventually gave up on Final Exam after about 20 trys, but anywho awesome game.

Pretty good

I saw this game and was like "OH NO AN ISOMETRIC BLOCK SLIDING PUZZLE GAME!"
I am currently making an isometric block sliding game.

But then i played it and realized that it is different enough. Good job though.


This game was perfect, awsome in it's simplisity, cheers to you my friend :D


I'm sorry to give this a low mark but there must be something you're not telling me I tried every possible combo for training 1 and still couldnt pass it, is here some kind of move I don't know about?