Reviews for "CuberXtreme"

Not what I was expecting...

It wasn't what I was expecting. I was thinkin' that'd it wouldn't be where you're a person and you move blocks around? However, I thought it'd be something like where you um... It's hard to describe. I like how the graphics came through though. It looked up-to-date. It was an OK game.

haha great!

lotsa fun ><
but im anoyed.. i can't finish the 'final exam' ahhh!!!



Hey is there a place i can get tips, im stuck on advanced training 3...so addicting!

Too Hard

I couldn't get past training level 2 and im a smart guy so think of all those poor stupid people out there.


A little tip to those just trying the game out... do not overthink it, overthinking will make you believe that the answer is more complex than it really is (Training level 4, I admit it took me a while for that one)

The answer could very damn well be staring you right in the face, look sharp, its all logic!! Did I mention that you did an awesome job? I think I did! But it needs to be said!