Reviews for "CuberXtreme"


I. .A.M. .S.P.E.E.C.H.L.E.S.S.


Y.O.U. .D.E.S.E.R.V.E. .A. .1.0

H.O.O.R.A.Y. .F.O.R. .Y.O.U.!.

W.E. .W.A.N.T. .M.O.R.E.!.


Oh man those graphics are most probably the best graphics in a game here on newgrounds EVER! the game was fun but after a while u get a bit bored, still the game was awesome and u have got alot of potential! keep up the good work!


I couldn't get past training 1 (mind you, I only tried twice then gave up), but it's an awesome game!

Amazing game, with amazing graphics and sound!

Wow this is sweet. Those graphics are insane and the game is so fun. Wow dude keep up the good work! XD

Very Very Good

First off, Ill note the thing that blew my mind as soon as I opened it. The graphics. They are so unbelievable for a flash game, probablly the best ones I've ever seen in a flash. The game was fun, I just wish I wasn't a total retard and could get past Training 1. I feel retarded not being able to do so. xD