Reviews for "CuberXtreme"

Neat game, glad to see you producing

Hey Seed. Not sure if you remember me from the early days of TAO. I'm glad to see you're still working away in the Flash world. This game is very attractive. Borrows from common puzzle concepts but reinvents in enough ways to avoid being a clone. Sound is sufficient. Style is not that much of a presence, but it's not really important to this game anyway.
Again, glad to see another game from you. I look forward to more. I'll probably be addicted to this one for an hour or so.

rly rly rly good

this is a rly good game. looks great. haven't rly seen too much like it. i donno bout the sound, cuz i had my own music playin n couldn't hear the game lol...so i just gave the sound an 8. the only thing i didn't like, was that u couldn't pull blocks, only push..but w/e, still an amazing game. keep up the good work.

wow, very nice!

props, well done!

Excellent all-around

Wow, I really liked it- fun, easy, catchy, and the design was really nice! Sorry to say I've played a very similar game on PS called cube or something, but this game is much better. Excellent animation!

wow wow wow!

that was amazing very good look! i will see this on fronyt page tommorow!