Reviews for "CuberXtreme"


this game was good


This game is going on my favourites list.

Great graphics, great sound, awesome concept.

One thing though, the first set of levels was easy but then it moved on to training 1 and there was a big change in difficulty (i know the answer is probably obvious :P).

Anyway, great job, this will get daily feature and front page, you can count on it :).

Good luck with your future projects :).


fuckin dreamcast graphics or somethin? beautiful
i suck SO hard at this game. if my mind worked, i'd give this game a 10.... and a 5/5....
unfortunately my mind don't work and i'm giving it a 9 and a 4/5.

Another High Quality Game!

Sup Seed, Mr. Mo here! Great game. I see you're still pushing 3D illustrations on PS and fusing it into your Flash work. Addictive and very creative game. Everything in the game fits in nice. Congrats on another quality game, we hope you continue feed us your talent. Cheers.


besides awesome graphics etc., you also made some damn hard levels.. good job