Reviews for "CuberXtreme"

Perfection (or close, at least)

It's really a great game - the graphics were brilliant and fitted the game perfectly. I gave up on the final exam, though (lazyness). Perhaps you should make some sort of hints for the people who aren't as brilliant as you? It's quite a challenging game - and should stay that way.

But all in all a great game, basicly nothing to be improved, it was smooth and looked well. Adding a Help page for the grey boxes might be good as well.
Good job! It definently made me want to play more.

Very good, I like it

Very good, I like it

Loved it!

This game was brilliant! It seriously looks, and feels like a PSP game. The graphics are just stunning. Please, I beg of you, make more!

An excellent example of how to make a game.

This is very different from most other games. The graphics, all the way through, were top-notch, detailed and colourful. Couldn't have got much better. The music suited the game type and the sounds used were also well suited to this game. The game itself was challenging, yet fun, an awesome combination. For an improvement you could have added a tip or two for each of the more challenging levels. Well done on this, it looks like you've put quite a bit of effort into it.


well done. the music was a bit drowsy, but it fit the theme. some challenging puzzles.