Reviews for ""Zombie Nation" Remix"


I felt like I couldn't hear it right overall it was good.

Like the Heavier Feel

But if I can be honest here, I feel you may have slightly overstated the sidechain on the bass (or, perhaps, you simply did not properly volume-level the track?) the track by the middle starts to sound EXTREMELY compressed to the point that it becomes hard to make out some (or even most) of the detail. A more properly applied compression could probably keep the same extreme feel, but spare the track the lackluster details.

i know this song

ohhhhh ohhhhhhHHHHh ohhhhhh!

Nice one!

Reminds me of "Roland & Sherman - Jonge Edammer", which is basically a hardcore/gabber remix of Zombie Nation.
Great song man :)


It was so awe-strikingly sexeh!