Reviews for ""Zombie Nation" Remix"

I listened a lot to Kencraft 400 and to Zombie Nation and i can say this is AMAZING.

Kernkraft 400 was already a damned catchy tune, and if I haven't heard it with my own ears, I would never have believed that somebody could improve it.

But you improved it from "cool" to "frigging awesome!" With a few tweaks and twists and beats and whatever you musicians call it, you practically re-invented this Techno classic.

who could give this a bad rating? I love rock and heavy metal and almost always hate Techno but this one gets to me :P or maybe it's just my head? like I know anyway really good.

Just absolutely loving this. The beat, the intensity, the fades.. you're so talented! Thanks for f*cking my ears :)

very nice this is the stuff to see from you.