Reviews for ""Zombie Nation" Remix"

Definitely Needs More Mastering

Well, seeing as it's a lot like the original, I'm going to start with an 8. Transitions were nice. Some of the percussion seemed a bit too random. Your kick has far too much bass, or it's too loud and is muting out the rest of the channels. Your hat is too loud. Your clap with reverb also mutes out the synth. The fade out at the end seemed poor. The opening was nice, but that kick ruined it. Overall, I didn't like this too much.

Needs Mastering

The sidechaining sucks. I don't even know if its sidechained or if the overly bassed kick is making the lead cut out. There also needs to be less reverb on your claps at :43. The hi hats are way too loud and there is a lot of other problems. I know you said you didn't put much effort into it but it could have been a lot more smooth.Sorry for the harsh words but they were needed :(.

Get down with Techno!!!!

I really do not listen to Audio portals on Newgrounds to much but when I do they are outstanding. Love, Love, Love it!!!

ha perdy great job

If I do say so my self I really liked this one you can really get that techno feel. #_#


it might just surpass the original great job dude