Reviews for ""Zombie Nation" Remix"


I think the normal version is way better. This one is just way too noisy(Too much at the same time). Too much 'kicks' and the same sound the whole time. It's pretty repetive to. Your other songs are just way better. Am sorry, but I expected more from you.


Gott love it

I agree with Kr1z

It's a great song, but because of the constant flux in the volume it gets very...irritating. If you would just fix that constant flux in volume it'd make the song that much better, and enjoyable on headphones.


Awesome song :)
I love the style u created, nice lead, and ofcourse there's the wicked melody.

What bothers me the most is the overcompression on both your instruments and the masterchannel. Most people won't notice this but due to bad compression on ur masterchannel, the volume constantly slightly changes, which is very annoying and considered a beginnermistake.

The compressor/limiter/soundgoodizer/maxi mizer/whatever on your masterchannel fucks up the dynamics of the song too.

My advise is to remove the compressor/limiter/soundgoodizer/maxi mizer/whatever you have on your masterchannel and fix any issues you have by mixing the instruments separatedly.


Rukkus responds:

Thanks for the good review man. This is definately the most helpful advice i've recieved. I'll fix the song up once i get the time and ill remove the Limiter like you mentioned. Much appreciated, ill PM you when its fixed.

Blew my mind!

I've always been a fan of techno, and this... Just wow. For all of the techno fans, i declare this one of the best remixes ever!