Reviews for ""Zombie Nation" Remix"


i tried to share this song with friends on youtube and make it more populer. and you sent me a copyright :C mean....just mean.... i mean really it had 800 views >_>

Rukkus responds:

Huh? lol. i dont recall ever sending anyone a copyright. People can use my music whenever they please. They don't even have to ask. :) Thanks for the good review though.

This is Pwn

I realy do like this, and I might add that your -NK- Salamander is going to be the tittle music for my videos ;D (Don't worry All credit will be given where credit should go :) you are a Great remixer/music person! make more in the next year. I love your music greatly.


Please have the limiter fixed soon! I've been checking back daily for months!

sweet awsome

it kinda goes up and down in volume sounds like someones playing wuth the volume on the stereo u kno dat turny one

Rukkus responds:

Thanks for the good review. And i know what you mean about the volume problem. There's too much compression because i accidentally left the Limiter on. Ill have it fixed soon.

Hmm =o

I like what you did with this, but like the others I agree with Kr1z - the volume fluctuation is definitely noticeable, taking away from how awesome your mix actually is.

I don't know much about music making but I'm sure if you fix up the compressions it will sound amazing. Keep up the good work =D