Reviews for ""Zombie Nation" Remix"

sort of ?

"In a nutshell it's sorta okay, but no way does this compare to the original."


needs mastering

a lot of parts just seemed really distracting because of either poor balance or too much filter, etc.

good idea, i love this tune. but yeah please fix it up a bit!

by far underrated! :D

Superior remix to all others i have ever heard!
Just awesome!
and its true, it IS Badass with the right kick, bass and lead!
seems to have that hard-style flavor to it!
nice work!
5/5 10/10
keep it up!


Wow, this is amazing. :D I love the beat.

What can I say?

The whole point of a remix is to add something new to the original, and make it your own. It seems to me, like you just coppied the original, put some more dums in it and changed the lead saw. Listening to this, it seems like you've taken out the best parts of what made the original tune epic (like the subtleness of the drums where it took a "break". .

Masteringwise, I can't really give you much there either, there seems to be very little to no low frequenices, and that filter sweep with the saw in the middle was close to ear bleeding. I noticed your percussion especially your hi hat was louder than the rest of everything else and seemed too overcompressed.

In a nutshell it's sorta okay, but no way does this compare to the original. Take into account this is only my opinion, and I can see that many other people like it, so maybe I'm just being a bit too picky. . Comparing to your other tracks, you kinda slipped on this one man. Grats on top 3 though~.