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Reviews for "Justice Day: Recording"


heu i dont know how to say this its the first time i do...but it is okay if i pick your song that i must say is really well made and mix it(not like tecnho music,but adding a bass drums and stuff)ill be glad to show u the final result and of course ill respect your work


Amazing composition. It has alot of emotion and quality is pretty good. No place for me to critique at all really. The song evokes alot of emotion, I see a little bit justice with some sort of long epic journey involved. I enjoyed this piece very much, and added you to my favorites :). Can't wait to hear more in the future :).

5/5 4.49 / 5.00 (+ 0.0026)

Good piece.

I liked it a lot. It's too bad it was so short though, you didn't have a whole lot of room to develop the lovely themes you put in there. It felt a lot like a mini overture, like on in the opening cinematic of a video game. Which isn't a bad thing, it's just what it felt like, I think cause of the feel changes, and the very heroic journey parts, which I really liked. Nice chords, and melodies, and some nice counter lines too.

Good but not great, not yet

its good but there are some parts where i think the song is just about to get good but then it just dissapoints. like around 2:12, the song was climaxing basically.....heh heh climaxing....but anyway, i thought it was going to get intense but it just stood the course it was going before. it was missing something. i don't know what but just something.

nevertheless, it was an awesome song


sounds really good.
i felt like ive heard it before tho. (some parts of it)