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Reviews for "Justice Day: Recording"

i love it

one thing i thought of can improve it add an echo to give it the feel of being in a theater it is just grand

Simply Amazing

This is just terrific, everything flows very well and everything also works perfectly together, it's just too bad it was used in a terrible game, it doesn't deserve that.


Some parts feel vaguely like they were inspired by Last of the Mohicans, but the slower parts resemble some of the famous composer stuff (Mozart, Bach, etc. I'm not familiar with the song names). The faster parts definitely break up the mood, but in a positive way. The the oboe (?) and cello/bass contrast really helps create the dark moody feel that the faster cello/violin bits help counter. Superb work.


as an aspiring musician, i have to say...that inspired me...wow...i'm totally speechless...i want to say a little more...but i have nothing to say....

Simply Amazing

Similar to the flash portal there are a lot of works in the audio portal that are meh at best. This work is not meh. This work is one of the singularly best independent Works I have heard not only on New Grounds but also on the internet as a whole. I am almost shocked to find a work of this quality here and not being played for a high budget movie.

Props to you!

OVER 9000!!!!!11111111oneoneoneone / 10