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Reviews for "Justice Day: Recording"


This is a very well composed piece. Everything just... fit. From the slower parts to the more intense parts. I look forward to more pieces from you. This is some of the best work I've seen here.

Best wishes.



First off, I have to support my fellow stringers. Those violins were stunning, the vibrato was very nice. I love the intense part with the strings as well, very well played. The song has nice balance. A wonderful listening experience. God the ending was fantastic.

i love this

i wonder what orchestra this is?
they are awsome and so are you for recording it
and haveing it so clear
many recordings have some kind of background noise that throughs
everything off

robomanus responds:

This was recorded by my orchestra, that I've made special for this recording. :) They are really good :) Thanks for comment :D


Just crushed the original version. Good job man. ^.^


I really like this music. Especially the work you did on strings during the last minute. Your music actually inspired me to share one of my compositions here too, so feel free to check it out since it is your "fault" that I put it here :)