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Reviews for "Justice Day: Recording"

Always love this song

Love it every time i hear it but im annoyed cuz idk where i hered it before lol. Ive never played anything on the list on entrys its on but i know ive hered it before cuz when i played light up the sky i knew every beat lol. Ne ways reminds me of final fantasy digging it keep up master pieces like this, this has gotta be on of the best songs on newgrounds:)

WOW (it really is justice day)

BTW reminds me of kingdom hearts

Musical proficiency at it's highest degree.

This piece was an absolute pleasure to listen to. It's beauty and complexity are astounding. The professionalism is apparent from the very first note. My God, this is outstanding work. Completely and utterly outstanding. The only thing I don't like about this piece is the title; which is simply me nitpicking.

Although I know this comment doesn't hold any "helpful" value, I still felt the need to contribute my praise to this amazing piece of work. Continue what you are doing, because you were obviously born to do it.

Good work and good luck!


Main Entry: in·cred·i·ble
Pronunciation: \(%u02CC)in-%u02C8kre-d%u0259-b%u0259 l\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English, from Latin incredibilis, from in- + credibilis credible
Date: 15th century
1 : too extraordinary and improbable to be believed <making incredible claims>
2 : amazing, extraordinary <incredible skill>

to say the least!!!

To have a symphony at your desposal, to have written scores of this magnitude by your age yes sir this defines you, keep it up, it is very admirable, and please submit more masterpieces. I expect a life time of great music from you as well. So please keep it up. I am a huge fan


I cant stop listening to this remarkble masterpiece...
The part 2:15 to the end, makes the hair of my neck stands up...

Keep the amazing job Beethoven.