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Reviews for "Justice Day: Recording"

Absolutely Incredible...

I find it very difficult to describe how this piece makes me feel. It gives attention to a genre that, in my opinion, needs more credit for being the forerunner to all modern music. It is a godly genre, in a sense. :)

The progression was fantastic; it conveys emotion throughout the entire composition. I, myself, have no complaints about the sound of the instruments or the quality of the recording because this version takes the amazing piece you had introduced before and somehow made it even more wonderful.

Ladies and gentlemen, I feel as if we are in the presence of a modern Beethoven. I hope to see more of your brilliant work in the future.

Pretty good

Pretty good but some of the instruments were a bit off tune.

this are my words

do you wanna hear my opinion... EXELENT!!! ^_^

Really nice !

The thingy iwas almost just got that odd feeling the intro score begining sounds very alike The Rock Theme insperation why beacuse its has that same begin tune melody. Dont get me wrong i thought first what he remake The rock? then no it was something else. 0.11 sounds abit odd to me something flute recorded ifeelt was out of sync in the sound alittle. 1.32 was begining of my favorite part beacuse i like the atmosphere. anyway thanks for a nice shareing keep the good job up /TN

Sorry for the english iknow it might be some grammatic problems here and there.


I bet it's awesome to have real people playing your music! :D The recording was pretty good, too, actually! Probably the closest to pro classical I've heard on here (barring some of Orr's stuff, maybe).