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Reviews for "Justice Day: Recording"

very beuatiful

sounds like it would be grate for an advertisement or an educational cartoon.

very nice

Not bad ... not bad at all :)

Newgrounds audio portal sucks

Only the classical and maybe dnb music section are worth anything...

Anyways I love your music as an electro fan:D

robomanus responds:

Thanks! :D


Music drives my life and gets me moving to start the day and listing to this makes me think of some one down on there luck or in a hopless situation but then discovers somting worth fighting for and gains new strength to achieves his goals no matter the cost. I would really like to hear a longer version and more of your songs keep up the good work :}

Dynamics and tempo

The beginning of the piece was much too loud in my opinion, forcing the swell at :19 to be a bit underwhelming.

A slight ritardando at :38 would have been greeeeat.

I would exaggerate the swell at :59 and drop to maybe a pianissimo at 1:01, exaggerate swell at 1:13, and build up to 1:28 fortissimo. Dunno what was written in the score, but bringing the lows very low will make the highs sound even higher, from what I understand.

Maybe it was the recording quality, but the entire song sounded rather tepid. The entire dynamic range seemed rather limited, but harmonically the piece sounded good, albeit a bit cheesy at times (Not because you did anything wrong, but because there are tons of pieces like this one already). Still, I managed to find the piece pretty melodically varied on the whole, if not melodically original.

Anyway, as good as this piece is, more liberties with dynamics and tempo and this piece will be phenomenally more awesome sounding.