Reviews for "SousaPalooza"


Finally... someone who aprecciates music aside from this hip-hop shit!
great game.
i must admit being a solo euphonimist (or whatever) helps with the powerups :)

very great game you have there, and the graphics were amazing. the flutes falling pattern was purdy funny too


most people wouldnt catch the timing you had with what intsruments appeared, i thought it was great, although you over played (no pun) the tuba. seriosully, all the trombone parts had tuba's flying around. give us boners the credit we deserve! lol, stil great game, very original.


there really is no diversity i mean all you do is shoot and shoot i just find you should add some like extra weopons or power ups or like a shop to buy crap but it was okay its diverse from other more boring games

Tis' alright...

I think it was alright...

I say 7

The ranking system was screwed up on the first level. I played that a few times trying to get an A for the first level, but the best I could manage was a B (and I got #3 on the high scores all the same... call me Superman). But it did not directly depend on how many points I had. Once I got 2900 which was an F... and a little lower than that was a B. What determines what rank you get?

This may bump me down a few notches on the high scores to tell people this, but the best weapon for the last level is the note with the dot on it. It kills lines of tubas like mad. The triple note is more impressive looking but not as good.