Reviews for "SousaPalooza"

hmmm yeaa very good

really enjoyed that, but sometimes i couldn't tell if i was dying or if i was winning... the power ups is a good idea kept me playing hehe :D good job


Excellent! Marvelous! If you make a sequel, use guitars and firewroks for metal stuff


Unfortunately, holding down Space covers most of it, but that's the case for all scrolling shooters. Also, it would have been nice if the background changed with each level (but still keep the same theme, obviously).

Despite those minor quabbles (is that a word? I don't know XP), I felt this was an interesting take on the shoot-em-up genre. I thoroughly enjoyed it; I thought it was refreshing and original.

[I was No.5 in the leaderboard when I wrote this review; see if you can guess which one I am; the clue's in the name]

very very good

very unique... unice... how ever the hell you spell it it was awsome


That's the spirit of game design!
I really enjoyed that one.
Yuo can bet that you'll get a high rating.