Reviews for "SousaPalooza"

Fun, little laggy though.

Was kind of cool to waste some time on.

And to digimak:
1)ALL SONGS were by the same composer
2)Night Serenade WAS NOT by John Philip Sousa
3)Chellos and violins ARE NOT marching instruments.

Some people are completely ignorant. At least take the time to read the author's comments and instructions before you play a game.


wierd kind of game resembling the fighter craft game.

This may be a way to teach those illiterate Newgrounds Users some classics in this form! So they will know something besides blood and violent crap. :)

one thing- you should of written the names of composers and names of the music tracks. That would represent the level types!
You should of also used "Night Serenade" for the last level due to its fast pace!
Also, you forgot about Chellos, and Violins! Also could add tympanums!
And use Conductor's stick as a boss!

The explosion effects are a bit distracting and definitely laggy!


i liked it except i had to destroy my beloved trumpets with a freakin tuba
not bad at all though

Very Creative

It was a good idea and i like how the insturments came down when they were played in the music


this game is awesome, the graphics are great, and the uh.... syncing or synchronizing or something like that is perfect. Hope to see another sequel!