Reviews for "SousaPalooza"


Great Game. I liked how certain instruments would show up depending on what was played. I also really liked how u could choose a different note weapon how 16th notes would shoot faster and triplets would be like a shotgun. Good work!



Wonderful job. This appeals to all band kids and even those who AREN'T in band. You, good sir, should continue to make these amazing games and yeah. I can't really say to change anything - because I loved every bit of it.


it's original but with a huge twist

it's old scool new school and somewhat older new school there has never been a game like this, it'll make you addicted if you keep on going you could go days playing it. I cant think of any problems.

i dig music!

that was so original i love
it keep up the good work an


Clever but...

...needs improvement. I'll just cut to the chase and tell you what needs fixing.

The explosions hide the notes (bullets) which makes it nearly impossible to dodge incoming fire unless your just plain lucky. The enemies notes need to be a different color to easily differentiate during a firefight.

I know your trying to base this game around a composers music, but it needs some subtle sound effects for explosion and what not.

The good really out weighs the bad, but there are too many good things to mention. So your going to have to trust me when I say this deserves a 5/5.