Reviews for "SousaPalooza"


It was great to see the intruments come down in the order of the orchestrated music. I was suprised of how it did not lag at all even if there was so much going on the whole time. Was quite entertaining but it lacked replayability where you should have added some hi-score system which would have been great to compete in. Entertaining while it lasts!

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

there is a highscore system.... beat all 3 levels (read the instructions)

Wee, Music!

Wonderful artwork and integration between the instruments in the song and on the screen. My only complaint is 1) a bit easy, and 2) can't tell what exactly the powerups do.

BTW, guy below me, your suggestion is impossible. He's using actual recorded tracks of Sousa, not compiling music using Garageband; there's no way to separate the snares or any other instrument from the rest.

The game that everyone WANTS to like

The concept is great on paper, and I really wanted to give this game a great score, but unfortunatly, it doesnt deserve more than a 3/5. The best part was how the movement of the enemy instruments was coordinated to the music, but shooter aspect of the game was horrid. If you just held space in the middle of the screen with a decent powerup, you can get an s rank every time. There was no way of avoiding enemy fire (and no incentive because of the generous shield) since the projectiles were too fast. You cant even tell if you are shooting since everything on the screen is so cluttered. In the next game, the player should be able to ruin the song by destroying the enemy instruments. For example, if I shoot the snares, I should not hear snares in the song. Again, its a good, creative concept and I'm sure the next game will be much better if you spend more time trying to make this a legitimate shooter game...3/5


sephiroth shut the fuck up i liked to see you make something this creative all u could make is probably some stick figures killing each other. This is an awesome idea dont listen to this idiot.

this shit has queerbait written all over it

dont make another bullshit game like this because this was annoying, boring as hell, and jsut has no god damn point the only reason why ur on the front page is because all the queers that play trumpet and clarinet are proud that their instument is in a flash game BITCH PLEASE