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Reviews for "Wade Defender"

Good if you...

... like the music.

But apart from that it's not really a great game. The gameplay is poor, the graphics are cheap and annoying (the BednBlast) and the game itself is ridiculously easy. The game becomes very boring very fast. But it's still quite enjoyable - during the first five minutes.
Due to that and the music it still gets 3 stars from me.

Not Bad

There sould be more upgrade, but you're forgiven thank's to the great music xD !


Bah, you don't even keep a real score.
By the end of it you can just click randomly and spend all your money/score on shields.
I could do nothing and just let myself be hit without worrying about dying or running out of points to refill my shields.


BLAAAAAARGH............that SUCKED

its ok

Its ok but instead of it being a stand alone game it could be a good pre loader for a flash vid that has a big file to load.