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Reviews for "Wade Defender"

Not bad, but a bit tedious

A decent game that wasted a lot of time for me but overall I found it rather repetitive and far too easy. There's practically no difficulty to the game at all, especially once you start getting enough points to upgrade your weapon and add a ton of shield. Likewise, the music got annoying very quickly.

Despite its faults, I still ended up playing through enough levels to lose count.

Casualty responds:

Thank you for your contribution PuppyMaster. It is greatly appreciated!

random ...but good

9/10 for me i love the randomness factor heheh

Casualty responds:

Thank you, come again.


lol by level 28 i was getting 40 thousand dollars each time and i had 100 bedn blasts... all you have to do is use bedn blasts throughout the level and you get good money lol it kills everything instantaneously

Casualty responds:

Oh, really? What a helpful review of yours. NOT.


cool game, one question, DOES IT EVER END?!!!!

Casualty responds:

Try playing for a few days in a row and see...


nice avenged sevenfold song the funny part is that i was already listening to them b4 i played this lol it was easy though and got boring and bennblasters are stupid there a waste of money cus u can get 50 points worth of shield for the same price and u know what i mean so yeah its pretty kewl though

Casualty responds:

Too bad it's not Avenged Sevenfold but Children of Bodom... How could you ever mix those two? :P