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Reviews for "Wade Defender"


Very nice game. I got hooked and played until lvl 17, then got tired of it. Very well done, couldn't find any bugs. The music becomes a little boring after a while, but not annoying. Good luck with your next games!

Casualty responds:

Wow! A guy who knows what he's talking about! I know it get's a bit boring after a while, but if you'd play 'till level 25 you'd die constantly. Nederlands power!

Great game...

The level 30 weapon and the rockets have the same power... one shot to take down a star... So no need for it but a fun thing to have... now I guess I finished because I have everything... make more options and stuff and it will be addictive.

Casualty responds:

Yeah, they have the same power, but the level 30 weapon is slightly bigger, which can be a big advantage in later levels when you need more speed than precision...
Thanks for the review!

Well played mate

It was an incredibly addictive, fun, simple game. The soundtrack, whilst cheesy, did suit the game during later levels when everything became incredibly fast.

Anyway, I gave it a 5 and hope it has smooth sailing in to the portal.

Casualty responds:

And you're not easily impressed! lol
Yeah thanks for the review.

this was nice

i liked it. Basic, but nice. Good job

Casualty responds:

Thanks! Yeah I know it's basic, but at least it ain't defend your tower or something..