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Reviews for "Wade Defender"


This is one of those games where in the beginning your sitting back, maybe watching tv, the later you are hunched over, clicking rapidly, and breathing hysterically. me like.

Casualty responds:

Hahha, I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for your review!

A really good gaming experience!

This game really pwned! I had a great time playing. The graphics wasnt too much to be proud of though... but this is a type of game where graphics doesnt matter so much cuz it is such a good game. The humor was also very nice, gotta admit that. If this game hadnt gotten boring after lvl 20, i would have given a 10, but it did!
So only a 9. Great defence game! Thx for submitting.

Casualty responds:

Thanks for your great review, man!

this game is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

awsome song in the back round while u kill the star sydicte.what more could u want .well up the difficulty would be nice.but sill awsome game

Casualty responds:

Thank you! Keep ruling the day!

Boring say what?

LOL i got so utterly bored with this game....Got all the upgrades when i needed them ... EASY.... Once you hit upgrade 5 you dont have anymore upgrades and there are no harder units coming at you...I just bought a bunch of those "nukes", not sure what they were called, and just hit the space button the whole time. GOT SOOOOO BORED OF THIS GAME IN ALMOST 5 MINS!!!!!!!!!!

Casualty responds:

That's not MY fucking problem is it??

it was o.k.

i somewhat liked it but i think it could have used more upgrades and the stars were hard but someone couldve easily beat the game by just buying a ton of sheilds

Casualty responds:

.. Your username has 'Slipknot' in it, which makes anything you say invalid.