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Reviews for "Wade Defender"

not bad

not much upgrads and no buying health its good but it needs more

awesome game

awesome game, man! i dont care if its not original, its awesome!


1)sometimes the enemies start to randomly disapear as there comeing toward you
2)not many upgrades
2)i think your sucking up to wade
3)theres nothing to stop you from accedentaly buying stuff like nothing saying "are you sure you want to buy this"
1)lots of different enemies
2)at least had upgades


This is a perfect example of everything a flash needs...to be considered trash. Bad Graphics, Annoying music, boring game play, unoriginal idea, lack of difficulty, and lack of progression. Terrible.

i rate it zero. see? it's a zero!

what a repetitive, boring, dull, unimaginative, average, low, stupid game. i dont even know if it is a game